Anatomicals Haul*

Anatomicals kindly sent me a huge haul of their lovely collection to try out!  
First up is the ‘We never forget a face’ Daily Moisturiser and ‘Help the paw’ hand cream. 

I have very, very dry skin – so a good moisturiser is a must. I’ve been using this moisturiser for about a week now and I must say impressed. 
This moisturiser is primarily for the face. I find that it’s great to use after you’ve taken off your make up at night because it leaves your face feeling lovely and smooth and fresh. It also smells amazing, almost like perfume – but not too overpowering. 
I also like the fact that it has a little cap on the nozzle to keep the moisturiser from drying up or the product going hard and sticky.
As well as this, it has SPF 15 so if you fancied a fresh face look in the Summer this could be a great product for that purpose!
Next – the hand cream. I must admit I don’t use hand cream nearly enough as I should – oops! 
One thing I like about this hand cream is that it isn’t very sticky or thick. It dries very quickly and is highly moisturising. 
I also like the size of the bottle as its handy for sticking in your handbag to use throughout the day to freshen up.
Then there’s the ‘Never lose your cherry’ lip balm and ‘High noon for the prune’ dry relief balm.  

I always use lip balm – so this is really handy for me. It glides on easily and has a slight red tint to it. I think this would be great to use over a matte lipstick to make it into a gloss look lipstick.
The dry relief balm is mainly for particularly dry areas on the body – such as elbows and ankles ect. (I originally thought it was for the lips given the packaging but having read into it further discovered its not.) This could be a great product if you fake tan as its made specifically to target the driest areas on the body. Plus its very small so its great for travelling.
Sheet masks are the best type of face masks in my opinion as I always find they are the most hydrating and work the best for me. 
Although, you do look like a murderer with one on! Which is quite fitting with the name of this mask – ‘Off with their (black and white) head’. I’m hoping this will reduce my pores and possibly get rid of some horrible blackheads as they are a nightmare to try and clear.
I’m really excited to try this out when I have a pamper night! 
Finally – the biggest bar of soap I’ve ever seen! It’s seriously huuuuuge. I think this will last me a long time for sure. 
And the smell? Mmmm, amazing. Really fruity and fresh.
Again, the name is hilarious – ‘From your favourite Eastenders’. I think the names are definitely one of the highlights as they are so original and make the brand stand out.
I will definitely purchase this one again – although it may take me a while to get through this one first!
Overall, I love this haul and can see myself using every single product! 
Have you tried out any Anatomicals products?



  1. 18 April 2015 / 8:05 pm

    These products look amazing! I love the catchy names, the 'dont lose your cherry' is too funny, I would love to try the face sheet too, I need to banish my black heads x

    • 18 April 2015 / 8:44 pm

      They are brilliant aren't they? They really stand out haha. Yeah tell me about it! I do too! 🙂 x