Beauty Works Double Volume Curly Hair Piece

Beauty works double volume curly hair piece
After reading so many great reviews I decided to order the Beauty works double volume curly hair piece from Sallys glitz n glam. I was sceptical about ordering this at first as because the hair is synthetic I thought it might look cheap and unrealistic. However, I was really impressed with it! Its really easy to fit and literally takes minutes.

It gives you instant big hair without the fuss of having to style it! All you have to do is pin up your own hair at the back – making sure you leave some down at the front. Then you slide the hair piece on and use your own hair to cover the join from the hair piece and your own hair. Alternatively, you could place a headband or something similar over the join instead – which is what I prefer to do.
Its 22″ long and a 3/4 wig – so its reaaaaally big hair! 
I got so many compliments and people said they wouldn’t have noticed it wasn’t real! 
(Which I was worried about) 
My only concern is that it gets quite tangled so you must make sure you take good care of it and brush it regularly.
I’d definitely recommend this hair piece to anyone. 


  1. 15 March 2014 / 3:15 pm

    They look great 🙂 Like people have said,you can't tell that they are synthetic.I'll have to check them out! Great review.xx