DIY Matte Lipstick

I’ve been wanting to try matte lipsticks for a while but felt put off by mixed reviews so decided to give making my own a try instead of paying out for something I wasn’t sure I’d like! 

To make your own I used a red tinted lip balm by Naturals to start off with as the base. Most lip balms would be fine I think as long as they are fairly sticky in the texture. Then I took a blusher and dabbed it over the balm so the colour stuck to the balm creating a matte style lipstick. It’s very simple and easy to do! I chose to use MAC’s Scarlet Blusher but I’m sure it would work with any blusher. I suppose you could experiment with different colours to create different shades of matte lipsticks. 
This method stays on for a surprising long amount of time considering the products used! So overall I was impressed with my quick DIY solution. 
And.. tadaaaaa..