Esqido Lashes // Companion and Oh So Sweet*

I was so excited when the lovely people at Esqido contacted me to ask me to try out their latest addition to the collection – The ‘Companion’ Eyelash Glue.
As you may know if you read my last review, I love Esqido eyelashes. I think they are so high end and such value for money. Wearing eyelashes for a special occasion can really improve your whole look and enhance your make up. Especially if you are like me and don’t really change your make up look a whole lot from everyday to going out.

First of all, Esqido have continued to show their high end brand off with their beautiful packaging. I love the rose gold and cream colour theme! I’m a huge fan of any brand that really puts a lot of effort into making their products look amazing as well as BE amazing.
Also, I like the packaging for practical reasons as it has a secure lid which won’t leak in your make up bag like some of the cheap, smaller eyelash glues tend to do.
This product claims to be long lasting – which is a definite must when choosing an eyelash glue. No one wants to end up with eyelashes half way down their face during a night out! 
I also like the size of this product as most eyelash glues are tiny and you only get one or two uses out of them. It’s also a perfect handbag size if you needed a touch up during the day or if you are rushing out straight from work. You can easily apply them quickly as you only need to wait a few seconds for the glue to become tacky.
And the price? This glue is $10.00 which is around £6.42. Amazing value for the volume of product you receive. I think this product will last me such a long time! 
Obviously because this is an American brand, I bet your thinking “Well that’s great but the shipping will cost me a fortune” Think again! Esqido offer FREE shipping to the UK on orders over $25!
After reading the reviews this product has online – I guess I’m not the only one loving it!
See reviews here!
Along with their newest addition, they very kindly sent me another pair of beautiful eyelashes to try out. I am saving these eyelashes for a wedding next week, so watch out for my make up post wearing these eyelashes if you are interested in what they look like on!
I would highly recommend this brand so if you haven’t checked them out already please do!