Everybody Loves A Freebie #2

glamour magazine
marie claire magazine
I posted about some amazing magazine freebies a few months back and feel like I need to do another post as this months has certainly topped all the magazine freebies I’ve previously got!

First up is Glamour magazine who are giving away an Eyeko Eyeliner in either blue or black. I’ve read so many great reviews on Eyeko products and was really excited that I get to try this out for just £2, instead of the £12 RRP. I chose black as I don’t think I would use blue eyeliner all that much. Eyeliner is literally the one piece of make up I ALWAYS have to wear so this is super handy for myself.
Inside there were also samples of Loreal Skin Perfection and Hawaiian Tropic sun lotion. I love using samples as its great way to try out new products without committing to the (sometimes) costly price tags. The only downside of samples are they are often too small to get a true feel for the products – but hey, its free so you can’t complain!
Secondly I purchased Marie Claire, this is not a magazine I would usually buy but I just had to as inside they were offering two mini Ciate nail polishes/nail art pots. 
They are giving away the ‘caviar manicure’ which is a nice way to spice up your nails without it being too tricky. I’m useless at nail art but I think this method would be fairly easy – even for me! You just paint your nails then add the little sparkly drops to whichever nail you fancy. If your really good at nail art I suppose you could do it in some sort of pattern as well! This will be a fun product so have a play around with! 
They also had samples inside of Clarins and Loreal products. Again, its a nice way to try new products. Also the Loreal samples are actually a fairly decent size so this may give more of a true feel for the product.
As well as this, inside both magazines there was a small sample of the perfume Prada Candy. It smells absolutely gorgeous but its tiny! So really you only get a quick smell out of it! 
Overall, I think magazine are a great way to try out amazing brands at a cheap price. They are definitely worth investing in.