February Wishlist

1. Gucci Stud Earrings with Engraved Gucci Trademark 

I have a thing for designer jewellery as I can’t wear any earrings that aren’t silver or gold. This means that I can’t wear earrings from high street brands as they are often just costume jewellery. Therefore I often don’t have a great deal of choice.
So when I saw these simple Gucci Earrings I thought they were perfect as they are silver and not boring! Win Win.

I LOVE these River Island Boots. They are quite bold so they aren’t something I would usually go for. But there is something about them that I love. 
I like the fact that they aren’t too high as this means I can wear them for everyday use. 

I have several eye palettes but I love the look of this palette as it has a range of brown/nude shades. Most palettes have a range of colours, which is great but I always end up only using the nudes/browns. With this palette I think I will use most of the shades rather than just the odd few. Making it better value for money to me!  

4. Christian Louboutin Loubichrome II Nail Polish Colour 

How gorgeous is this Louboutin Nail Polish?! I was lucky enough to receive the Hawaii Set for my 21st and a single Louboutin Nail polish for Christmas. 
So I have quite a good collection so far! 
I love the look of this nail polish as its different to the others I have as: 1. the handle is multi coloured and 2. the colour itself has a sparkle in it, whereas the others are block colours. 

What’s on your February Wishlist?





  1. Gemma Daniels
    24 February 2017 / 8:11 pm

    That nail polish is beyond gorgeous – I love it xx

    • alex-quinn_ox@hotmail.com
      26 February 2017 / 8:11 pm

      Thank you 🙂 xx