Fitness At Home

So if you read my New Years Resolutions post you will know that one of my resolutions was to diet and exercise more.
In true beauty/fashion blogger style, lets discuss workout gear first.
Nike Top – Sports Direct
Nike Leggings – Sports Direct
Nike Gym Bra – Sports Direct

I chose these items as 1. they all go together well, 2. they were a good price and 3. they are comfy but stylish – which I like. A lot of workout gear is all different funky colours – which does look nice. But I just wanted a really simple set. So I’m happy with my choices!
I would recommend having a look on Sports Direct as they have a lot of gym gear. (And its a lot cheaper than buying direct from Nike!)

Onto exercise! I thought I would share what I’ve been doing in order to try and achieve this resolution.
I’m not a gym person – I’ve been before but I just end up feeling awkward and not really working out fully.
To kick start my fitness at home, I bought myself ‘wii fit plus’ and ‘my fitness coach’ for the wii. I really like using these two as they offer different exercises which you can do in the comfort of your own home. So you don’t have worry about other people while your working out. And they actually get your heart racing which is good as I feel like I’ve had a decent work out then! 
I’ve also been using the ab/push up/squat workout apps which you can download on your phone. 
I like them because when your busy they are really easy to slot into your day as they don’t take a long time to complete.
Or when your lacking motivation but need to exercise a least a little!
I also bought a yoga mat. This was really cheap from eBay. It’s decent quality for what I need it for and I’m happy with it.
There’s lots of yoga workouts on the wii fit plus. I’ve been trying to alternate from cardio and yoga to spice up my workouts.
Do you have any at home fitness tips?