Glossybox April 2014 Review

What I got: 
Tresemme Dry Shampoo
Monuspa Massage Treatment
Sunsense Tinted Moisturiser 
Mememe Beat The Blues Pearl Pink Highlighter
Emite Lip Brush

This month’s Glossybox was a bit of mixed bag for me. I really like the dry shampoo – as I use this a lot so it will definitely come in handy. I think dry shampoo can really revitalise your hair in between washes and make it look a lot more fresher. Its especially handy for things such as travelling or festivals. 
I was also happy to receive the Emite Lip Brush – as I am a newbie to make up brushes and this is one I had been meaning to purchase. It allows for flawless lip coverage – which is a must when you have the tiniest lips ever like me! 
On the other hand, the Mememe Beat The Blues Highlighter and the Sunsense Tinted Moisturiser are items I wouldn’t really use. It quite shiny and I’m not a big fan of having a shiny face that a highlighter can sometimes give you! 
Similarly with the Monuspa Massage treatment. It smells gorgeous but I’m not too sure what use I would get out of it. Although, it does say that you can put it in the bath – which is probably what I’ll do to try it out. 
Overall, it was quite an average Glossybox – nothing massively impressive but not a huge disappointment all the same.
Did you get a Glossybox this month? What were your thoughts? 


  1. 20 April 2014 / 7:55 pm

    I need to post my glossy this week. I was a little disappointed sadly xx