Hairstyle Post // Madame Hair Hot Donut Hair Bun*

Madame Hair kindly sent me their new Hot Donut Hair Bun* to try out. 

I’ve never seen a product like it! It can be used in multiple ways which I love as this means its great value for money.   
How does it work?
The two main ways in which this product can be used are:
1. as hair bun or 2. as a hot hair styler to create soft waves/curls.

To use as a hair bun you simply put your hair into a ponytail and wrap your hair round the rings as normal.

To use as a hair styler, you simply style your hair in a top bun with the hair donut. Then simply click the button on the hair donut and it starts to heat up. You then leave it for around 5-10 minutes. (Or longer depending on how curly you want your hair) Once you take it out, it leaves you with soft waves.

The heat is very gentle so you don’t have to worry about frying your hair. I think it is better if you use a hair care product as well for extra protection though. This will also help make sure the style lasts all throughout the day.
I like the fact that you can wear it as a normal hair donut throughout the day for say work or a casual day time look. Then if your going out at night you can just click the heat button and your left with lovely curls so you don’t have to mess about doing too much to your hair!

This product is simple and easy to use. I would highly recommend you try this out!
Also, its only £12.99 which is not bad at all!

As you can see the bun works really well. I have naturally wavy/curly but this product definitely enhances and defines the curls.

Madame Hair also have a great range of hair extensions and hair pieces.
Make sure you check them out:

What do you think about this product? Is this something you would try out?