Jurlique Summer Travel Essentials

When I travel I love to have mini versions of everything. Shampoo, perfume, soap.. You name it – I’ve probably bought the travel version of it!  
I took a trip to York in May and the lovely ladies at Jurlique sent me some travel sized goodies to test out. I was so excited to give them a go!

Firstly I received a ‘Rose Love Balm’.  

This product claims to be:
“A natural salve that moisturises, softens and protects dry or chapped skin. Infused with the natural scent of roses.”
As you may know if you read my blogs often, I have very dry skin – especially my lips. I love wearing lipstick but often I have to find lipsticks that are highly moisturising or the product just doesn’t sit right on my lips. I am constantly re-applying lipstick – which I think is more to do with my lips rather than the lipstick itself. I try and moisturise them as much as possible beforehand. Plus, I always wear lipstick more when I’m away so this product came in handy!
I’ve tried many lip balms in the past such as big names like Vaseline, but I find them very greasy and sticky. This is one thing I really hate about lip balms.
This lip balm is the opposite – it’s moisturising without being thick and greasy.
I love the size of the lip balm as being travel sized means that its easy to carry around and stick in your handbag. Which was perfect for me as I tend to pack everything I own when I’m going on holiday or away for the weekend. 
And the smell is so pretty. It just reminds me Summer as it smells like fresh roses/flowers.
This product is around £10.00 for the full sized version.
The other product they kindly sent me was the ‘Rosewater Balancing Mist’. 
This product claims to be:
“A daily hydrating mist featuring the relaxing scent of rose that restores and hydrates the complexion and is ideal for normal/combination skin types.” 
I think this product is perfect for when you want to have a no make up day but want your skin to look fresh and hydrated.
I tend to have quite dry skin so I was worried this product would dry out my skin even more. Another worry I had was that it would break out my skin. But I didn’t have a problem regarding these issues at all which is always a bonus in a skincare product.
I tend to use this mist with moisturiser or primer in a morning when I fancy having a make up free day.
I used this in York at night time as obviously when I am away I don’t really take out the time to do a full skincare regime so this was a nice alternative and made my skin feel lovely and fresh in the morning.
Of course, as this product was travel sized again this made it easier to pack and take along with me!
Similarly to the lip balm, this product smells like fresh roses/flowers. I think this would also be nice to spray around the house to leave a fresh, Summery smell. 
Overall, I really enjoyed trying out these Jurlique products and I am looking forward to seeing what else they have in their beautiful collection.
Have you ever tried Jurlique?



  1. 27 July 2015 / 3:59 pm

    I haven't tried much from Jurlique, but both of these products sound lovely! I specifically love the sound of the rosewater balancing mist! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula