Mani Tuesday Ft Essence*

I love doing my nails. However I’m really fussy when it comes to nail polishes as I need high quality nail polishes. I can’t stand nail polishes which flake and chip after a few hours of wear.

Essence very kindly sent my a trio of nail goodies to try out.

This included:
Essence Gel Nail Base Coat*
Essence Gel Nail Top Coat*
Essence Gel Nail Polish*

I have never tried Gel Nail polishes before as I thought you would need a lamp to set the gel. But with these nail polishes there is no need!

I filed and shaped my false nails before starting. I love wearing false nails. I don’t have bad nails per say but I always feel nicer with false nails. Especially if I’m going out or its a special occasion. I bulk buy my false nails from eBay – they are so cheap, around £4.00 for 100+!

I then applied the Essence Gel Nail Base Coat and waited for it to dry. I was impressed with the drying time as it was fairly quick. This is important to me when using nail polishes as I am very impatient! I’m also quite bad when it comes to my nails, and I don’t tend to use base coats but I’m really glad I did as I think it improved the overall look and longevity of the nail polish.

I then went on to apply the Essence Gel Nail Polish. I really like the shade of this nail polish as it is a lovely sparkly pink – very girly! I like how its build able so you can have it sheer or build the colour to a more solid pink colour.

You do need to layer this nail polish at least twice in my opinion to get the best shade. As I have said it is a very sheer nail polish, which makes it easy to wear everyday and for any occasion.

Overall this 3 step gel nail set is very easy to use for beginners like me, so I’m impressed. I can’t wait to buy some more shades.





  1. 2 September 2015 / 12:57 am

    Your nails look lovely!! My nails are nasty and short currently (due to stress) but once I grow them out I hope they look as lush as yours. x