Mini Topshop Haul #2

I just can’t get enough of Topshop at the moment! I love their Summer clothing! And of course, the famous Joni Jeans.

First things first is the pink flower trim crop tee. I originally bought this in white when it first came out as I love it because its so simple and comfy, yet looks really nice. It’s great with a pair of jeans for a casual day out or such like. The price isn’t so bad at £22 either!

Next up is the palm tree print bralet. I bought a blue palm tree version in my last haul (link here!) which is similar to this, then I saw the green and pink one on the Topshop website and just had to have it. I was so gutted when it sold out in my size so I checked local stores on the Topshop app (a very handy feature) and thankfully a store near myself had it in stock! It’s really comfy and great for Summer. The only downside to this top is that the straps are really long so it can sit a little low at the back, showing off you bra slightly! But this is easily fixed by either wearing a jacket or I find you can sometimes tuck the ‘Topshop’ label into your bra so it sits right. Either that or I’ve seen a few bloggers linking the straps together with a brooch or something similar to create a cross strap back look. I personally liked the cross strap idea therefore I stitched it in that style! So now it sits right and it gives it a little extra edge! At £12 I think this is great little top.
The other bralet I purchased was on a whim really. I kept looking at it like ‘Do I like it or not?’ and decided to get it anyway to give it a try as it was only £16. I am glad I did! Its made out of a different material to the other bralet – more of a smooth, lyrca type style. (Sounds strange but its lovely!) This bralet fits and sits perfectly. 

Finally, after buying a blue pair of Joni Jeans last week I decided I wanted a slightly lighter version for Summer. I was considering buying a white pair but I put myself off by thinking: “What if they are too see through?” “What if they get dirty too easily?” etc. So decided on a very light bleached blue style. I’m happy with these jeans and as we all know the joni jeans from Topshop are some of the best!
Very happy with this haul.. Although my bank account isn’t so much! (MUST.. SAVE..)


  1. 1 July 2014 / 2:03 pm

    I love all the prints that are out this summer, I'm going shopping on Friday I can't wait to pop into Topshop.


  2. 1 July 2014 / 5:15 pm

    I love the pink crop! So cute! 🙂