Nail Care // Micro Cell*

Nail care is very important to me as I often use false nails – which if you wear false nails yourself you will know its very important to look after your nails as they can ruin your nails completely.    

Micro Cell are a worldwide company that specialise in the treatment of hand and nail problems. They sent me some of their products to try out. This was great for me as I often find my nails are damaged and in need of serious pampering!
The first product was “Nail Repair”. This product claims to help you achieve strong nails in 2-3 weeks. I’ve been using this for around a week now and I can say I have noticed a difference in the look and feel of my nails. When you first apply this nail polish it smells VERY strong and leaves a glossy finish – almost like its just a top coat. I like this as you can create a French manicure look whilst repairing your nails. It’s also a good base coat!
Next is the “Nail Wonder”. This is a five in one product as it:
– Protects nails against drying.
– Speeds up the drying process.
– Prolongs the wear of your nail polish.
– Can be used as a top coat
– Acts as a ridge filler for nail grooves.
What more could you ask for? I love the fact it speeds up the drying process because I am the most impatient person ever when it comes to waiting for your nails to dry. 
Then there was the “Colour Repair”. This is a nail polish that repairs your nails and allows you to have great nails with a gorgeous colour! They come in 14 colours too. So you can choose your favourite, put it on and not only do your nails look great – they are being repaired at the same time! Win win! I got the shade “Raspberry Kiss”.

nail file

Finally, I received a “Natural Mineral File”. I love this! It’s so handy for putting in your handbag because it’s in a case so it won’t get damaged. This is great for on the go nail grooming – as I can’t stand broken or chipped nails so I always need a nail file with me.
Overall, I’m impressed with these products so far and will continue using them in between false nail applications to make sure my nails keep strong!