New In Beauty Palettes

From Left to Right: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit, The Nudes ‘Shading’ Contour Palette and 

My favourite out of the three palettes has to be the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit. 
The colours are gorgeous browns and pink shades with a subtle shimmer. 

When I first applied the face shimmer (which is in the section to the far left) I was a bit apprehensive as it is quite shimmery when applied. I thought I would look like a glitter ball! 
However in natural lighting, it looks lovely and subtle. 
I usually apply the deep bronzer colour (middle, bottom) over the Face shimmer on my cheeks. It is quite a deep bronzer, so I have to blend it in well so it looks more natural. (Pale girl problems!) 
I prefer bronzers over blushers, therefore I don’t use the blush (top, far right) as much as the bronzer. However it is a nice natural flush cover when applied on the skin.
The next palette is the Too Faced #NoFilter Selfie palette. I received this in a beauty box.
I think this is really unusual and it looks quite daunting when you first open it up.
However the powders apply sheer and each gives a slightly different look.
I am not so keen on the yellow powder due to being pale as it washes me out.
The lilac and brown shades are much more suited to my skin tone. 

This palette I received for Christmas. 
It is split into 3 sections: eyeshadows, contour and brows.
The eyeshadows are beautiful neutral colours with a bit of shimmer. The middle section of the eyeshadows are my favourite and I use them on a daily basis for work. 
The top section is rather subtle, so I prefer to use the top section with the middle to build the colour up slightly.
The bottom section of eyeshadows are a lot darker and more suited to make up for a night out. 
The contour section consists of two bronzers, one matte and one shimmer, and two highlighters. 
I feel with the shimmery bronzer shade, you don’t really need a highlighter as well. I don’t like to look too glittery!
The final section is for your brows, I don’t really use this section as I prefer eyebrow pencils to powders (as I can’t apply eyebrow powders without looking silly!) 
Would you give any of these palettes a try?



  1. 26 January 2017 / 12:08 pm

    I love the look of the Hourglass palette! It's so pretty. I have the Face powder palette and love the effect the powders give. I've been experimenting with using the powders over blushers and bronzers to give different effects. I've been able to create a similar effect to the blushers and bronzers this way.

    The Nudes Shading palette is lovely too. The eyeshadow shades are really pretty. I'm not sure why eyebrow products were included instead of blusher shades though. To me, it would make more sense to have eyeshadows, blusher and contour products in a palette together. Xx

    Tania | Creating A Blusher Using The Ambient Lighting Palette

    • 26 January 2017 / 12:19 pm

      Me too! It's by far my favourite. I like to experiment with different powders too.

      I agree. Blushes would have been much better!

      Thanks lovely Xx