Ombre Hair Extensions // Lush Hair Extensions*

For a while now I’ve been trying to dye my hair ombre but it just doesn’t seem to take to my hair. Even when the hairdressers try to dye it and it doesn’t work how I would like. 
So when Lush Hair Extensions* kindly offered to send me some ombre hair extensions to try out I jumped at the chance.

I always thought you had to have ombre hair in order to pull these off. But I was pleasantly surprised at how natural they look once clipped in the hair. 
This set is the #4/8 Dark Brown/Light Brown – 22″. 
I love the colour – it’s a great match for my own hair too! 
Lush Hair Extensions* offer a colour match service which is always really handy when buying hair extensions online.
This set comes with:
2 4 clip pieces
2 3 clip pieces
4 2 clip pieces 
2 1 clip pieces
I think the hair is really good quality, thick and so soft! I love it when you get new hair extensions and they feel amazing. 
I also like the fact that the clips are already sown into the hair extensions as I hate having to do this myself.
The hair extensions are easy to clip in – I don’t really have a method/routine when clipping hair extensions in. I just usually put them where ever I feel I need them. 
But I do tend to start off with the 3 and 4 pieces at the back and work my way up then add the 2 and 1 pieces into the sides and top where ever they are needed.
I will admit, it does take a little more time applying these hair extensions than normal hair extensions as I feel you need to take more care to cover up your own hair and blend them in properly. However I don’t mind this as I love the results.
Here is a picture of how they look once clipped in. As you can see you can’t see where my own hair ends and the extensions carry on. I like to clip my own hair at the front back slightly as I think this helps to blend my own hair and the hair extensions together nicely.
I will be doing a post soon on the different ways I like to wear these ombre hair extensions so please look out for that!
If you would like to check out the website for these hair extensions please click below:
What do you think of these hair extensions?