Review // Christian Louboutin Make Up

Christian Louboutin Lipstick in Torrera 

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish in Sevillana

I have been dying to try out the Louboutin makeup range since it came out. I decided to treat myself at Christmas and bought the lipstick.

 If you read my blog posts often you will know that red is my go to colour for lipstick. Plus it is also the classic colour associated with Louboutin so I had to get a red shade. The lipstick I chose is a gorgeous deep red colour.

  I love the feel of the lipstick too. I went for the ‘silky satin’ style of Louboutin lipstick as I prefer a satin finish and they are often easier to apply.

 There are two other styles of Louboutin Lipsticks: 1. Sheer – I’m not a fan of sheer lipsticks, especially when I’m paying £60. I want the colour to be noticeable, and 2. Matte – I’m hit and miss with matte lipsticks, they tend to be really dying on my lips therefore I often avoid them.

 The packaging is gorgeous too. The lipstick comes in a black box with a red interior. There is also a ribbon attached the lipstick and a fabric cover for the lipstick. I presume this is to protect the lipstick whilst in your handbag.

Here is a swatch so you can see the colour better. It looks slightly more pinky in the photo, however it is more of a deep red when applied to the lips.

Next up is the Louboutin Nail Polish in Sevillana.
This was a Christmas present from my Grandparents.

I’m a big fan of darker shades for my nails. I think they look a lot better and tend to need less maintenance than lighter colours.

This colour is a deep purple, which you can apply one layer for a lighter deep purple or build the colour up for a darker effect.

I’ve found the nail polish to be good quality and lasts throughout the week without chipping away.

And of course, not forgetting the style of the nail polish itself. I love the long handle as its so unique to Louboutin and it actually makes painting your nails easier.

Overall, even though the range is expensive I would definitely look to buy more as the quality is great and the packing/style of the make up pieces themselves is beautiful.