Review // Tropicskincare Products*

As you may know if you read my previous Tropic Skincare Review (if you haven’t please do!) I fell in love with the Mineral Eyeshadow Palette* and the brand as a whole. If you don’t know, Tropic Skincare products are cruelty free and vegan. As I mentioned in my last post, reading the brands beliefs and ethics and how they started out is really interesting so please have a read.

Onto the review itself! Tropic Skincare kindly sent me some more of their beautiful products to try out. This palette is in the shade ‘brown eyed girl’. There are four different palettes in this collection: Brown Eyed Girl, Wild Wisteria, Wilderness and Blue Masquerade. I have tried Brown Eyed Girl and Wild Wisteria so far. I truly love the shades in this palette. (I think I even like it better than the Wild Wisteria palette!)

I never used to wear eyeshadow at all but in the last few years I have been collecting different palettes like no tomorrow!

My favourite shade is the lower left (or third swatch in picture below) I love it because its a subtle golden brown shade with a slight shimmer. I think this will look amazing in Summer with a tan or on holiday. The upper left shade is a sheer shimmer shade which I have been enjoying using as a base shadow. The shades on the right are a lot deeper and darker than the other two shades. I like this contrast of shades in this palette as it makes the palette more versatile.


The pigmentation is amazing with this eyeshadow palette.

For £18 I think this palette is great value for money.



As well as the Mineral Eyeshadow Palette*, they also kindly sent me some beauty tools to go with it!

First up, there is the Bamboo Dual End Eyeshadow Brush. This is the perfect beauty tool to go alongside the eyeshadow palette. I love the fact that it has a larger brush at one end and a smaller brush at the other end. I personally prefer the smaller end as I feel it is easier to use (I always use smaller eyeshadow brushes) The price of this eyeshadow brush is £12. The eyeshadow brush feels good quality and sturdy. I think this will last me a long time.

Next up is the Pure Precision Beauty Drop Sponge. I always use a beauty blender to blend foundation therefore I was so excited to try this out. It is very firm and has a flat side as well as a rounded side. This is a great feature as it makes blending makeup under your eyes so much easier as you can use the flat side. I have also noticed that it doesn’t absorb a lot of makeup. This makes it a lot easier to clean and maintain in a good condition. It is also latex free, hypoallergenic and of course, reusable.

The Beauty Drop Sponge is £6 which is a fraction of the price of some beauty blenders out there.

What do you think of Tropic Skincare?