Treat Yourself // Pamper Night

heyland and whittle
Everyone loves a good pamper night, right? So I thought I’d go through some of the stages I do in order to create the perfect pamper night.  

Firstly I have a bath. There’s nothing more relaxing than having a nice hot bath with your favourite bath bombs. I use the Heyland & Whittle Bath Melts. They are so luxurious and make your skin feel so soft. I love how they each have slightly different scents too.

These bath melts were a Christmas present so unfortunately I’m not sure how much they were – but if you can find them I would highly recommend them! 


I then use a face mask and relax. I have been trying out Clayspray* White Clay face masks recently and I really like them. I tend to have dry skin – especially on my face as I wear make up most days and as we all know, make up can dry up the skin. I find these masks very moisturising and my skin feels lovely after using them! 

Although, it does dry very stiff and feels quite tight when applied. I don’t mind this too much as I think its a sign of a good face mask. It also reduces the size of your pores – which is always a bonus. 
As well as this, I’m not a particularly spotty person but I have been breaking out recently and since using this face mask – I have noticed a reduction in the amount of spots I have. This could be a coincidence but I definitely think these masks thoroughly clean and revitalise the skin. 

Then I like to have a Cappuccino and read through some blogs or create new posts of my own. I love reading blogs because its so calming and relaxing – it also helps to get some inspiration if your not feeling blogging at the moment. 
I’ve been trying to write posts in advance because I’ve started my new job which is full time and I don’t want to let my blog slide! It is hard finding a balance sometimes though. That’s why I like to take time out to relax and write. 

What do you like to do on a pamper night?



  1. 6 April 2015 / 9:24 am

    I love a good pamper night. I always have bath and fae mask too xx