What’s In My Bag? // Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Large Cross Body Bag

I am so in love with this handbag. It’s just so ‘me’. I am so grateful to my lovely Boyfriend for treating me to this. And to Secret Sales for having it at such a great price!

I love the design of this bag. It’s black with the classic embossed ‘MK’ design. It also has a silver plate with the Michael Kors logo on the front. 
As you can see, this bag has a long cross body strap which has a silver chain style design which then goes into a black strap.

Inside the bag is equally as beautiful. It’s black with black silky MK logos embossed throughout. Such a classic and beautiful design.

It’s a decent size for an every day handbag. I usually take everything AND the kitchen sink when I go out. So having a slightly smaller bag than usually has definitely helped me prioritise what I actually need, rather than just chucking a whole host of things in my bag! 
So I’ve managed to keep this bag fairly neat so far! Which is an achievement for me.

In this bag I have:
New Look Purse
Chanel Mirror
Primark Hand Sanitiser 
Impluse Body Spray
Lulu Guinness Tangle Teezer
Charlotte Tilbury Lipgloss
Ted Baker Notebook
I think this is a decent amount of stuff for the size of it. And there is still plenty of room for more.
Overall, I am in love with this bag and would highly recommend it to anyone who fancies treating themselves to a designer handbag.